Tuesday, 29 April 2014

2.2 Goldwork Samples (1)

I started by creating some samples using traditional gold work threads on a silk background.  Each red silk square is 10 x10 cm.

Top left:             Outline in Millary with inner grid in Passing
Top right:           Smooth Purl
Centre:               Weave pattern of Rough Purl and Bright Check
Bottom left:       3-ply Twist
Bottom right:    Pearl Pearl

I moved onto using small pieces of traditional threads to create texture.  

Top left:              Wire Check

Top right:            Smooth Purl
Centre:                Rough Purl with some pieces arched to create added texture
Bottom left:         Gold beads
Bottom right:       Mix of Wire Check, Smooth Purl and Rough Purl

I then tried a couple of samples using non-traditional materials.  The first is gilt metal sheet which has been cut and then either inscribed with different patterns or formed over round and square dowelling rods.

I then wrapped different weights of gilt wire over a tapered pencil end to create a cone shape, over the rectangular end of a wooden skewer (the wire created a nice twisted effect as I pulled it off the skewer) or wrapped round a wooden dowelling rods of various thickness to create small 'springs'.  This created a highly textured piece (which gets a bit lost in the photograph).

This is probably my favourite sample so far as I liked the way the shapes could be added either upright or on the side to create a variety of textures from three basic shapes.  

My next post will look at traditional materials used in unconventional ways and further non-traditional materials. 


  1. Beautiful samples! I particularly like your springs.

    1. Hi Catherine
      Thanks, funny how sometimes a simple, sudden idea turns out the best.